Kestrel Cub Pack

Kestrel Cubs – come join in our adventures!

Cub Scouts are boys and girls aged between 8 and 10½ and being part of cubs is all about excitement and adventure. Kestrel cubs meet in Hailey Village Hall in the winter and a woodland in North Leigh during the summer.

Like all cub packs our programme covers a wide range of activities covering general well-being and fitness, adventure and science, global cultures and local beliefs. Our cubs also get creative and involved with local community activities. There are opportunities to develop outdoor skills and take part in adventurous activities, as well as camps and residential experiences a couple of times a year.

Cubs is part of the wider Scouting Group and it follows on from Beavers. Cubs can move on to North Leigh Scouts typically from age 10½.

We meet during term time on Mondays

We meet on Monday evenings during school time between 6.15 – 8pm

Interested in joining Kestrel Cubs?

If your child is interested in joining Beavers please email and I will add your details to our waiting list or call 07515 064399

Our Team

  • Kate Drewett – Cub leader (Akela)
  • Pip Curran – Assistant cub leader (Bagherra)
  • Karl Franklin – Assistant cub leader (Chil)

Useful links for new starters

Please click here for a diagram of where your badges should go

Please click here to see more information about the different badge requirements

Please click here to view an introduction to Cubs, including the promise and law

Please click here to be taken through to the scout shop where you can purchase your uniform