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Beaver Sleepover !

9 gallent and adventurous beavers braved danger and dragons at the weekend in our knights and dragons themed beaver sleepover! They all had loads of fun learning about St George and the Dragon at the campfire and undertook their own quest to find all of the dragons eggs and recounted the tale of their dangerous quest to the other beavers with wonderful costumes and some great acting skills! They all were brave enough and became knights of the scouting realm ! The beavers also learnt some important knightly skills such as washing and drying up and making their own breakfast of bacon and egg cups! All of this perilous adventure must have tired them out and they all slept soundly untill 6:30!              

St Andrews day celebration with the beavers!!

On the 29th November we learnt all about how the Union flag is made up of the flags of: St George, St Andrew and St Patrick. We also learnt that the 30th of November is St Andrews day ! To celebrate we tried some Scottish country dancing and haggis! All the beavers tried it and most liked it, with many wanting to take it home!

Remembrance Parade 2017

This year 6 Beavers took part in the Remembrance Parade with the other Scouts and Guides from North Leigh. We marched all the way to the church, we’d practiced marching the Wednesday before so we were experts! Everyone looked very smart in their uniforms and well done to our colour party who had to attend a practice the day before!

Aunt Sally and Skittles !

We had a great time this week even though it was raining the beavers went to the Masons Arms to play Aunt Sally and Skittles. Aunt Sally is an Oxfordshire game created by the Victorians where players try to knock the dolly (wooden skittle) of a post by throwing wooden batons.  Skittles is a traditional English game played across the country for hundreds of years. Both these activities contributed to their world challenge badge. We would like to thank everyone at the Masons Arms ! It was a great evening. Can you see Beanie Beaver joining in?


There were only four Beavers at tonight’s meeting, as it clashed with the school play, but we still made the most of the sunny weather!