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Secret Agent Camp

In the midst of what might be one of the driest and warmest British summers that I can remember, our Cub pack and Woodland Beavers went to Secret Agent Training Camp at Youlbury Activity Centre! After laying their bags and sleeping mats out in their teepees (yes teepees – they didn’t even need to put up any tents!), they started off the weekend by making their name badges. The name badges gave each person a secret agent ID number that they would need to remember for the whole weekend! After saying that it has been one of the driest summers I can remember, the heavens opened on us during our orientation tour! Luckily we all had our raincoats, but we were all a bit soggy to say the least! Everyone loved it though, as we’d all been missing the rain a bit! After the walk we changed our plans and…

St. George’s Parade 2018

The Cubs all looked very smart as they walked from the Leys to Church Green along with the other members from North Leigh Scouts Gorup, and all of the Scouts and Guides from West Oxfordshire. This year it was North Leigh Scout Group’s turn to carry the St. George’s Cross, and one of our Cubs was chosen to be in the colour party for it. All of the Cubs did very well, despite the unexpected sun and hot weather (that’s the UK for you!), and we are very proud of them all – you can see them on Witney TV!

Christmas Sleepover

Our Christmas Sleepover was great fun! We started off with decorating the hall with loads and loads of paper chains – it made the hall look really Christmassy! Next we went outside to the school field where we played games in the dark, with torches, giving us chance to get muddy, run about and have a laugh! Some of the cubs were very good at creeping about in the dark. After a drink back inside we decorated some mugs and made some ‘Chirstmas jumping jacks’ – you just never knew when they were going to jump! It’s never a Christmas sleepover without the snowman game, with teams wrapping each other up in tissue to look like a snowman – even the adults joined in! Then how best to use up white tissue at Christmas – a snowball fight of course. Next we had hot chocolate and hot dogs…

Super Soaka 2017

Surprisingly, we had amazing weather for this year’s Super Soaka! Cubs and siblings were invited to join in with our annual end-of-term water fight, whilst parents could watch from the safety of the ‘dry zone’, and we finished the night with a BBQ. We split into three teams, and then we were off! Everyone was running around, having fun and soaking each other. After three rounds we called it a day (much to the Cubs’ disappointment) and got dry. We then had a BBQ and buffet – thank you to the chefs and the parents who bought food!