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All aboard for Kestrel Pack

Kestrel pack went boating in April 2018 12 cubs, 1 young leader, 3 leaders, 3 dad helpers and 2 skippers all went boating on the Grand Union Canal. Our pack hired two 70 foot long community narrowboats from LNBP, called Lancelot and Guinevere and we had an excellent weekend of adventure. Needless to say everyone was really excited to be on board, so excited that not too much sleep took place the first night, but after a big breakfast everyone was ready to leave – we just had to turn the boats around first. Then we set off on our 8 mile journey south from Braunston to Weedon Bec. No easy start though, the cubs were straight into working a series of six locks and then they were rewarded for their hard work with a scary ride through the long and dark Braunston tunnel. Akela is always desperate to see the light…

Spooky Christmas

This year Kestrel cubs joined the legendary Bill Spectre for a spooky tour of Burford as their Christmas treat. We heard all about the ghostly goings on in Burford’s history, from evil Lords to wicked women and the horrors inflicted by the real Tom, Dick and Harry! Gory delights all round as most of the cubs let Bill have a go at chopping their arms off.

Navigating and blankets

Our cubs have been working hard on their staged navigator badges this term – which has involved understanding how to read different types of maps, including the scale on OS maps, compass points and reading keys. After a vote the cubs opted for a town based hike this term so we followed the Witney Blanket trail, with the cubs reading the map and directions to identify interesting buildings from Witney’s woolly history and it’s blanket making traditions. It’s an interesting walk – you can download the map we used here.

Million hands

Kestrel Cubs is participating in the Million Hands project: After a lively discussion evening our cubs decided to focus on the water aspect of the project, after showing great concern for the number of people in the world who don’t have access to clean water and good sanitation every day. To date to we have looked at how much water we use at home and how we can all do more to save water. We also used glitter in a hand shaking exercise to show the importance of good daily hand washing practises to stop the spread of germs! Next term we will be building models to look at how we can reuse and recycle water and looking at how we do some fundraising for Water Aid and the Canal and River Trust.